I regret I did not start sooner

I am a 73 year old veteran who served in the army for 30 years. I recently suffered a TIA and became disorientated and very tired. On advice from a councillor I sought out an exercise regime that may get back on track both physically and  motivated. I was referred to ACCELERATE.

Since I have been attending I have had a great improvement in my balance, some strength has returned and other ailments have improved. My mental outlook has improved considerably which in turn has improved my social attitude. The trainer allocated to me has given much care and support in ensuring that I exercise correctly. I am more than satisfied with this professionally conducted service, which I regret I did not start sooner.

Robert White.

About Clinton Joynes

I am a motivated person who is interested in all things relating to exercise. I have worked with elite athletes to people with chronic illnesses. I love motivating others to achieve their goals. I believe in a personal and fun approach to life and work.

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