The benefits of exercise on your brain

Hi guys welcome to my first attempt at blogging. Every couple of weeks I will endeavour to share my thoughts on various topics related to exercise. Being involved in the health and wellness industry for 18 years, initially as a personal trainer, then as a strength and conditioning coach, before evolving into an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and business owner, I feel I have plenty to offer.

The first topic I would like to discuss is the benefits of exercise on your head space. Did you know that exercise is a powerful antidepressant? When we exercise we release serotonin which enhances our mood. Additionally we also release endorphins that act as natural pain killers. So for people who live with chronic pain exercise is essential.

When we feel better about ourselves it is easier to stay focused on our goals, including eating well. I tell my clients that exercise is the link to eating well for weight loss. When it comes to weight loss exercise can only get you so far, but I believe you’re more likely to eat well if you’re feeling positive about yourself.

Anyway check out the picture below outlining the benefits of exercise on your brain.

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Clinton Joynes

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Managing Director of Accelerate Exercise Rehabilitation


About Clinton Joynes

I am a motivated person who is interested in all things relating to exercise. I have worked with elite athletes to people with chronic illnesses. I love motivating others to achieve their goals. I believe in a personal and fun approach to life and work.

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