Frequently Asked Questions


abouterWhat is an Exercise Physiologist

The term “Exercise Physiologist” describes professionals from within the field of exercise science who specialised into either health and fitness or exercise rehabilitation streams. EP’s use exercise as therapy to treat chronic and complex conditions based on scientific evidence and medical research.

What should I bring when I visit?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing 
Suitable footwear for exercise 
Any reports/referral forms from your doctor

How long will my session go for?

Initial assessments run for at least 45 minutes, and subsequent reviews will be at least 30 minutes. Our group programmes run for 60 minutes.

What will my exercise physiologist do?

Your exercise physiologist will:

  • Explain how exercise effects your condition and discuss how this will positively effect your physiology. 
  • Discuss goals and strategies to implement your programme successfully into your lifestyle. 
  • Complete a physical assessment to determine your physical capacity 
  • Provide you with an exercise programme including pictures, instructions and prescribed recommendations 
  • Implement your programme providing you with the knowledge to undertake the exercises independently with correct technique when appropriate. 
  • Suggest other group or individual programmes we run that may assist with adherence to your exercise programme. 
  • Write a written report to your doctor with details of the exercise plan and your progress.
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