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Exercise Rehabilitation & Exercise Therapy Clinic for the Rockingham and Mandurah areas

Treating people, not conditions

AER is the largest and most experienced Exercise Physiology company based in the Peel, Murray, and Rockingham area.

AER believes exercise therapy is essential to the health and well being for those with chronic disease and musculoskeletal disorders.

AER treats people not conditions and achieves excellent results through evidence based education, self motivation and quality programmes.

Latest News

Tips for Managing Lower Back Pain

Tips for Managing Lower Back Pain

I’m sure lower back pain has affected majority of the readers of this blog. It actually affects 80% of Australian adults at some point in their life and is the most common form of functional restriction in people under the age of 45. Lower back pain can be caused by numerous different conditions … [Read More...]

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Has your mother, grandmother, father, grandfather, or other family member suffered from the degenerative Alzheimer’s disease? If so, you have more than likely asked, is this terrible disease genetic? Can it be prevented? Well unfortunately the answer is yes, it does have a genetic … [Read More...]

Clinical Exercise Physiologist specialising in Rehabilitation Services in Rockingham & Mandurah

Accelerate Exercise Rehabilitation are Exercise Therapists providing Exercise Rehabilitation Services

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