Smashing the Myths of Arthritis


Have you been told that it is a crippling joint disease? Have you been told that it will only get worse and worse?Have you been told that there is nothing you can do about it?

Well the good news for you is that there is something you can do about it.Granted, the cartridge within the joint will not grow back and the joint will never be as healthy as it was when you were in your early 20’s. However, with a simple yet effective management plan you can certainly improve your quality of life and reduce pain levels.

Over 100 Different Types of Arthritis 

As there are over 100 different types of arthritis, there can be a load of false and misleading information out there. You may have overheard people on the bus talking about the latest and greatest device that eliminates arthritic pain. You may have had a coffee with a group of friends who all offer their own advice on how to manage your pain. The truth is…there is no easy cure.

You Can Manage Your Pain

Before you think that there is no light at the end of tunnel, it’s important to note that you CAN manage your pain with a little bit of work and a positive outlook. My light I offer you at the end of the tunnel comes in the form of one word…EXERCISE!!!

Sure you can take medications for arthritis, and sure they work, but in my opinion if you are looking for a long term, sustainable treatment approach you should undertake a specific exercise program. Now before you start to get scared, I don’t mean lifting heavy weights up off the floor and trying to turn yourself into Arnold Schwarzenegger. What I mean is a low intensity, specific, individually tailored exercise program designed by an exercise physiologist.

I understand that your arthritis can be extremely painful when moving in the wrong way, which was evident in a study from Northwestern University which highlighted that 46% of men and 56% were deemed inactive who were living with knee osteoarthritis. However, there are numerous studies that show how an exercise program can improve joint mobility and stability and also decrease pain levels.

I challenge each and every one of my readers living with arthritis to give it a go. Consult your doctor and start the ball rolling towards a healthier and happier you.

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About Clinton Joynes

I am a motivated person who is interested in all things relating to exercise. I have worked with elite athletes to people with chronic illnesses. I love motivating others to achieve their goals. I believe in a personal and fun approach to life and work.

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