I have regained most of my health back

I was referred to Accelerate by my doctor as I have several complex medical conditions. I have completed both hydrotherapy and gymnasium programmes with Accelerate, which has enabled me to regain most of my health back. I owe Accelerate a great deal. Glennis Johnson, 76

I have lost weight and my diabetes is better controlled

I was referred to Accelerate by my doctor because I have diabetes. Initially I was a little reluctant but my exercise physiologist listened to me and explained how exercise would help. After the assessment he referred me to group programme which I thought was wonderful. Since this time I have lost weight and my diabetes [Read more…]

I regret I did not start sooner

I am a 73 year old veteran who served in the army for 30 years. I recently suffered a TIA and became disorientated and very tired. On advice from a councillor I sought out an exercise regime that may get back on track both physically and  motivated. I was referred to ACCELERATE. Since I have [Read more…]

Feedback from patients is always positive

I am a General Practitioner working at Pinjarra Medical Centre, Pinjarra WA. I have worked with Accelerate professionally for four years and find them to be an excellent Exercise Physiologists. I frequently refer my patients to them for their valuable input into their chronic disease management. They are very approachable with good communication skills and [Read more…]

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